Finding your edge during your Digital Transformation


If you are a President, CEO, COO or leader of the digital transformation at your high-tech company, this article is for you.  In this day and age, it is all about disruption in the industry. Do you have the vision, fortitude and leadership abilities to continue to attack and catch the next wave of technology to help shape the business and allow it to grow and prosper?  Or will you join other companies that did not see it and wind up closing your doors?

Starting out and what not to do during your Digital Transformation

No one said that a Digital Transformation process was easy.  In fact, it is quite hard. Why? A lot of people and organizations are resistant to change.  I have gone through two of them in my career and neither of them was successful. Both of their failures stemmed from two key issues.  First, the top executives saw a need for change, but they never did what was necessary to get buy-in and support at all levels of the company.  I saw the buy-in at the lowest levels because they saw a need and bought the vision, but the mid-tier managers never did.  They were fearful that they would lose their jobs. Losing your job is a very probable harsh reality during a transformation.  Why? Companies need better talent, top skills, and a different mindset. My second transformation experience failed because the executives never finished the job.  They started the transformation, but they got distracted with running the business and they never completed it. The executives just stopped communicating. No one knew what was going on or if they were finished.  And to make matters worse, they had layoffs every quarter. In my humble opinion, that is the start of the downward trend towards oblivion.   Read more