Data Management: How to reduce the time, cost, and risk of your data migration project

As your company moves application data to new on-premise systems or to the cloud you are doing it to create new business outcomes for your organization.  Companies are always adding new capabilities to the front/back-office systems, modernizing IT systems and infrastructure or changing billing systems. Migrations are also often performed as part of an upgrade or transition to a new product.  That is why running a successful data migration is essential to ensure a smooth business transition. When you attempt this without the right people, process and tools, data migration projects can be risky, often resulting in cost overruns, data issues, or business interruptions (Information Week ran a nice article on the subject). To minimize those risks, turn to NextUs Consulting for help with the management, process, governance, staffing, and tools to meet your data migration goals and objectives. Read more

A New Approach to Test Data Management