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Data Management: How to reduce the time, cost, and risk of your data migration project

As your company moves application data to new on-premise systems or to the cloud you are doing it to create new business outcomes for your organization.  Companies are always adding new capabilities to the front/back-office systems, modernizing IT systems and infrastructure or changing billing systems. Migrations are also often performed as part of an upgrade […]

Finding your edge during your Digital Transformation

Introduction If you are a President, CEO, COO or leader of the digital transformation at your high-tech company, this article is for you.  In this day and age, it is all about disruption in the industry. Do you have the vision, fortitude and leadership abilities to continue to attack and catch the next wave of […]

3D Printing will Disrupt Many Industries and Businesses

When I started to work on an IoT opportunity for a large transportation company three years ago developing a trailer tracking prototype, I started to think about how 3D printing was going to affect their company in the future. I see the disruption even more clearly now since years have passed since then.  3D printing […]

Using War Rooms for Major System Deployments

I was supporting a major global deployment for a large multinational insurance company that supplies insurance, annuities, and employee benefits programs when they asked me to pull together a “War Room” for their multi-million dollar program. Why do you ask? It’s because the original deployment of it failed numerous times causing the company to spend […]

A World War has broken out and you are in the middle of it

On October 21, 2016, a distributed denial of service (“DDOS”) attack of epic proportions was released upon the United States of America. Many security firms say that this attack was one of the largest they have ever encountered. The folks on the war front were American citizens from dozens of corporations throughout the U.S. Companies […]

Testing ROI Assumptions with BPM

As companies continue to be challenged with achieving a return on investment (ROI), many are realizing how critical a role their IT departments can play in achieving this goal.  In the past, IT departments have turned to business process management (BPM) vendors to help them in this endeavor. However, vendors have been unable to provide the […]