Data Management: How to reduce the time, cost, and risk of your data migration project

As your company moves application data to new on-premise systems or to the cloud you are doing it to create new business outcomes for your organization.  Companies are always adding new capabilities to the front/back-office systems, modernizing IT systems and infrastructure or changing billing systems. Migrations are also often performed as part of an upgrade or transition to a new product.  That is why running a successful data migration is essential to ensure a smooth business transition. When you attempt this without the right people, process and tools, data migration projects can be risky, often resulting in cost overruns, data issues, or business interruptions (Information Week ran a nice article on the subject). To minimize those risks, turn to NextUs Consulting for help with the management, process, governance, staffing, and tools to meet your data migration goals and objectives.

Every company has unique constraints around migrations.  Let’s face it, you have to continue to run your business without disruption.  Migrations are risky for many different reasons. It could be:

  • The sheer complexity and volume of records that will need the proper data analysis completed to identify and correct the data before your final data load
  • The complex array of data stores and data record types.  Not to mention duplicates, missing information, misspellings, and erroneous data
  • The enrichment and validation of data during migration
  • The need for masking and tokenization of fields during migration
  • The requirement for field-level data cleansing
  • The time window to migrate
  • The ability to pause, stop and restart migrations
  • The time to market for the new solution
  • The migration scheme required (Market-based, account-based, product-based, etc.)
  • batch migration, on-demand migration)
  • The requirement for the proper design time, run-time (monitoring), reporting and testing tools
  • The requirement to compare data, reporting mismatches between extracted vs loaded
  • The requirement for a complete migration solution vs. a piecemealed multi-vendor solution

NextUs Consulting can mitigation all those risks and more by leveraging your experts and our people, methodology/process and tool (K2View’s ADI product) that reduces your risk to zero.  It provides:

  • Zero disruption to the business – Execute while systems are fully operational
  • A single platform that owns the full, end-to-end migration
  • Configuration (not coding) of the tool and business rules in a robust UI
    • UI-based configuration and testing during design time and run time where business analysts can control the migration
  • One implementation supports all go-live strategies (On-demand, on-the-fly, phased by target system capabilities, flush-cut)
  • Implementation based on new capabilities of the target systems
  • Support multi testing environments with different product versions and masking for GDPR / CCPA compliance
  • IT or the business can execute migrations by business parameters
  • Executive real-time dashboards & reconciliation reports
  • Change your execution strategy without changing one line of code (from on-demand to flash-cut)
  • E2E execution automation, orchestration, monitoring and reconciliation
  • Cross systems, entity-level validation, and cleansing on source/target data
  • Fast turnaround on defects and CRs

As a systems integrator, I have been developing new applications and performing migrations for decades and I have not seen a data management solution deliver the compliance, quality, speed to market and cost savings as much as K2View’s Test Data Management Platform. In 2019 at one of the largest companies in the US, it displaced another TDM product and it is now saving them about $11.7MM a year by reducing the headcount and time it takes to set up or maintain new testing environments.

Can’t believe what you just read?  Let us conduct a free proof of concept to show you this solution is the next-generation of data management.  For a couple of hours of your time, we will invest 2 weeks to show you something you have never been able to do before.  

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